Spotlight on…….


Welcome to our “Spotlight on ….” feature. 

Here we will shine a spotlight on a class for a month to see what they get up to!

February 2019: Senior Infants

The Spotlight continue to shine! Senior Infants let us shine a light on their work for the month of February – what a busy bunch they are!  Thank you Senior Infants for sharing your work with us.

Welcome to our classroom!  Early signs of Spring in Senior Infants!

We have started Maths stations in our class – it’s so good to practice the different skills at each station.

Aistear – what can we say? – Our favourite!  This month we are in the Garden Centre!


Our work with Music Generation continued.  We love getting the opportunity to try the musical instruments and learn to sing!

Just have a look at some of our work!


February wouldn’t be February without Valentine’s Day!

Science: In February, we had the chance to attend a science workshop to learn about bees and how they make honey – interesting!

We wrapped up the month with School Assembly.  We sang for the whole school – “She’ll be coming round the Mountain” – stars for the future!

And that’s not all – we have started Gaelic Football, Gymnastics and are looking forward to Soccer coaching as well.

November 2018: First Class

Welcome to our busy classroom!

Look at our work!

P.E. is our favourite!

The Robots are taking over!

Wow! What a turnout of Robots! We marked Science Week by making our own robots out of everyday materials.  Thank you to our families who helped us out with this project.

We had a captive audience in Junior Infants who enjoyed listening about our robot creations!


We had two visiting groups this month.  We got to hear and experiment with Sustainable Energy Ireland and THe West Midlands Theatre Company came to perform in the GP Room.


We were the “Stars of the Show” at this month’s School Assembly!  We had the school rocking to “Baby Shark”!