September in Rang a Sé

September in Rang a Sé

We’ve made a great start to the year here in sixth class. Everyone has settled back with ease into school life and the summer seems to be a distant memory.

We were all delighted to begin our novel ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne. We have started using the thesaurus the help us complete word studies on new words we encounter. We are trying to use these words orally and in our writing. On Fridays Ms. O’Flaherty runs a writing workshop in our class and we are currently working on recount writing. Thosaíomar ag léamh an nuachtáin gach Céadaoin. Is aoibhinn linn é.

Sa Gaeilge bhíomar ag foghlaim faoi ‘Mé Féin’ agus ‘Cad a rinneamar ar maidin’. Tagann Máistir Dillon isteach gach maidin le haghaidh deich nóimead ag cleachtadh ‘comhrá Gaeilge’ linn. Táimid ag feabhsú gach lá.

In Maths we had great fun playing card games and dice games to improve our addition and subtraction skills. We learned how to answer a subtraction question in which there are many zeros and we were introduced to working with millions. We also learned about the importance of estimation.

We are so lucky this year to be taking part in the Music Generation programme. Róisín Egan comes to our classroom every Monday morning to provide us with vocal lessons. She is a very talented musician and has an opera style of singing voice, she can reach very high notes! Her classes are always very interesting and fun.

In Science we learned about weather, we learned that our weather is affected by many factors, that air exerts pressure, that it presses up, down and sideways and that in the summer high pressure leads to good weather. We did a few experiments in class to show these. ‘Under Pressure’ where we sucked out all the air from a small carton and the carton collapsed as the air outside had a higher pressure. ‘Push Ups’ where we filled a jar with water, put a square piece of card over the top and turned it upside down, we all thought the water would come gushing out but in fact the card stayed in place due to the pressure of air pushing upwards. We were very nervous carrying out this experiment.

‘The Golden Age of Saints and Scholars’ was the topic we studied in History. We learned about the arrival of christianity to Ireland and we drew timelines to show this’.

We took part in the Body Coach Schools Challenge at the beginning of September and joined hundreds of schools around the world taking part in this challenge.

Fr. Towey celebrated a beautiful beginning of the school year mass with us in the GP room. We enjoyed his sermon and sang some beautiful songs as Mrs. McDonnell played the guitar.

We had a lovely trip to the staff room, where teacher treated us to hot chocolate and croissants as we have made such a great start to the new school year.

We are privileged to have a World Silver Medallist in our class, congratulations to Lucy on her massive achievement in the World Kickboxing Championships held last week in Italy. We are all so proud of her.