September in Mrs. McDonagh 6th class

September in Mrs. McDonagh 6th class

September in Mrs. McDonagh 6th class

By Sophie Edwards


We’ve had a busy month in 6th class. Here’s a little summary of our work.


In history we have been learning about World War 1 and World War 2.  We now know all the facts about how World War 1 started and how it was one of the main causes of World War 2.

We have been reading “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne in English. We have been studying the novel and learned some of the background. While reading the novel we have been visualising pictures in our heads to match the description. We have been making predictions, we’ve done some inferring and made character descriptions.

In maths we have completed the Look Back chapter and have revised everything we had learned from last year. We have finished front end estimation and adding and subtracting. We are now currently working on averages.


We have been working on the chapter “Mé Féin” sa gaeilge. In this chapter we learned two poems and two stories. We’ve been practicing how to put verbs in the past,present or future tense. We now know many different ways to say “ I’m very well”. We’ve mastered how to describe ourselves and our families as well.


In music we have been practising the tin whistle with Lorraine and Mr. Mulderrig. We can now play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Mary had a Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns and some of The Sally Gardens.

We drew minions and put them out on a bulletin board that says “ Mrs McDonagh’s 6th Class is one in a Minion” for art.  We’ve also completed some Claude Monet art and have learned some facts about the painter himself, like how he used to paint the same pictures several times to capture how the light changes and how it can affect the painting. We learned about how he was the most important artist who first used the style of painting Impressionism.


On the chromebooks we have started to do Minecraft; Education Edition. Minecraft; Education Edition will give us access to six lessons and after that there will be a competition that we can enter. The competition will be judged by RTÉ and Microsoft.

In P.E we have been playing rounders, but are now learning Gaelic. Every Friday we watch a live video from @ConnachtGAA that will teach us a new technique and give us a few games to help us learn the technique. Then we go outside and try them for ourselves. When finished we go back inside and the video will give us a challenge to do until next Friday.

As a special reward for having completed great work throughout the month, teacher surprised us with hot chocolate and croissants today. 

It was delicious!