September and October in Sixth Class

September and October in Sixth Class

September and October in Sixth Class

by Lily


In 6th class we were very busy doing many activities in September, we had our first school mass to start off the school year with Fr Towey.

We also entered the Keelings competition to have the chance to win €10,000 for our school,

unfortunately our school didn’t win but better luck next year.

We started reading our first novel ‘The Boy In The Striped Pajamas’ and we are really enjoying it.

We get the Irish Independent every Wednesday, and we read it in class and do a summary on one of the articles for homework.

As well as getting the Irish Independent on Wednesdays we also get a primary school science magazine which is very interesting and there are many activities and experiments to do in it

In History we learned about Saints and Scholars and did some really nice celtic artwork

We studied the famous artist Monet and did a pastel fantasy on one of his pieces.

In Irish we talked all about ‘Mé Féin’ and  ‘Phoist do thuismitheoiri’.

We learned an Irish poem called ‘Mé Féin’ in poetry.

We revised all the counties in Ireland and all the seas surrounding us in Geography.

We have done lots of activities using the Thesaurus and Dictionary in English.

Mrs Mc Donagh introduced us to Zones and Regulations to help us understand and recognise our feelings.



In October we were also very busy doing many activities, during maths week we had our maths quiz with 5th class and it was very successful.

We went to the IT college in Sligo to see a mathematician and there were lots of other schools there.

In Art we studied the famous artist Edvard Munch and did one of his paintings called ‘The Scream’ in oil pastels.

National Tree Day was in October so we planted a Spindle Tree in the school.

Every Monday during lunch times we have hip hop and we are really enjoying it.

In pairs we did projects on World War ll and presented them to the class.

In the classroom we tried some fun science experiments from our Eureka in Science.

We watched the Ireland vs Russia Rugby World Cup Match and Mrs Mc Donagh and Mrs Mc Morland organised for us to have croissants and hot chocolate while we watched it.

Tuesday to Friday each week we walk over to Abbey Drive and walk or run a few laps, 

we are working up to do a mile every lunch.

In Maths we focused on measuring and weight and we measured ourselves and our school bags in class it was great fun.


We are looking forward to November in Rang a Sé