October in Sixth Class

October in Sixth Class

October in 6th Class

By Briana Gawley

This month in art, we studied the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch and created a recreation of one of his pieces, The Scream. For Halloween, we completed contour cats.

 We all completed, in pairs, a presentation about the nature trail we went on in September after reviewing everything we learned and saw.

After finally coming back to school after Hurricane Ophelia, we learned a little bit about storms and how they are formed.

We are all very happy to be learning a poem written by our secretary, Geraldine Benson-Bales, called Welcome the Witches, Banish the Clowns.

We also took part in a Maths Quiz with 5th Class for Maths Week, and we had some amazing scores! Well done to Darragh Morrissey and Faye Parkes who presented sixth class. We also did some mathematical work on the laptops this week for Maths Week.

 We have been enjoying reading the newspaper every Wednesday, we have started reading Eureka( the science supplement) as well, which is very interesting.

Everyone has been enjoying learning ukulele with Anna and we have learned a little bit of I Got a Feeling.

We had our last coaching session with Aaron this week, we thoroughly enjoyed his training each Thursaday.

Congratulations to everyone who enrolled for confirmation at the enrolment ceremony last Sunday in St. Brigid’s Church.

And congratulations to everyone in our school musical, The Lion King, as we all found out our parts last Monday.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun filled Halloween Break.