November News from St. John’s

November News from St. John’s


Junior Infants- Mrs. McMahon

November has been a busy month in Junior Infants, we have started to learn our sounds and we know eight sounds already!

In Maths, we have been practicing counting and learning about the number one which we think is really easy!

In Aistear this month we have been learning all about ‘The Doctor’s Surgery.’ We have read lots of stories, listened to lots of rhymes, poems and songs all about the doctor. Our favourite story was ‘Splat the Cat goes to the doctor.’


We had own doctor’s surgery in the classroom this month, where everyone got a turn to be the doctor. It was a very busy surgery with lots of patients. The Big Bad Wolf was a patient this week, he fell off the trampoline and bumped his head! He was sent to the hospital for an x-ray – but don’t worry he’s okay again now!


We are really looking forward to December and are wondering what we will be learning about in Aistear…our teacher won’t tell us yet, she said it’s a surprise…….we hope it’s something to do with Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Senior Infants- Mrs. O’Neill

We’ve had a busy month in Senior Infants.

We started Literacy Lift Off. We are all working very hard in our groups and we look forward to getting a new book each day.
In Maths, we have been busy learning all about the number 7 and 3D Shapes.
We are enjoying learning all about the Post Office and all the services it has to offer. We learned that our letters are sorted in different centres in Ireland and that packages are weighed to decide how much it will cost to post them.
Next week we will all be writing some very important letters…we wonder how much it costs to post a letter to the North Pole?!
Friendship week was great fun! We tried our best to be extra nice to everyone, to play nicely outside and to pay someone a compliment. We took part in lots of activities, our favourite was the ‘Top Secret Friendship’ activity! That’s all we can tell you about that as it’s ‘Top Secret’!
We are all super excited about our trip to the Hawkswell next Monday to see Elfie!


First Class- Mrs. Elliott

First Class have been very busy this month. We completed a project making 2 or 3 D shaped robots using everyday materials as part of Science Week.

We presented our robots and explained how we made them to the Junior Infants.

We enjoyed participating in a lot of science experiments and really enjoyed the Sustainable Energy Roadshow.

We completed a colouring competition for friendship week and had a lot of nice things to say about the friends in our class.

We have started Christmas Art and are already looking forward to Christmas!


Second Class- Mrs. Bruen/ Mrs. Higgins

We have been learning about Space for the month of November. We loved this theme, we found it really interesting.We sang songs about the planets to help us remember facts about them. We learned about gravity in Science and we carried out some experiments investigating the effect of gravity on objects. We also designed rocket balloons in Science and launched them.

In Maths we carried out a survey to see what was the most popular planet in our room. Earth came out on top. We recorded our findings using tally marks and we displayed our findings on block graphs. We also carried out a survey to find out the most popular subject in our classroom. English and SESE came joint first. We enjoyed learning about symmetry in Maths. 

We also learned about great inventions in SESE and we choose our favourite invention.We learned about submarines and their inventor, Irish engineer, John Philip Holland.

We started writing our own procedural pieces in English.


Third Class- Ms. McGinley

We have begun to learn about multiplication and so far we think it is easy! We are learning x2, x4 and x8 tables at the moment.

Third class are busy preparing their songs for the Christmas Carol Service. We can’t wait to show everyone.

In Art, we have created beautiful Winter scenes using different shades of blue and our glittery Christmas stocking pictures are almost finished too.

Station teaching is also happening this term and we are focusing on Spelling, Procedure Writing, Conversations and Building Bridges.

Rinneamar on téama ‘Ag Siopadóireacht’ i nGaeilge agus scríobheamar ár scéalta ar an ríomhaire.


Third Class- Ms. Tighe

We are enjoying our literacy stations every Tuesday and Wednesday, we are working on spellings, procedural writing, comprehension and oral language skills. We have written some very impressive procedures. We also used the ipads last week to write some lovely acrostic poems.

In Maths we are working really hard learning all about multiplication and division.

The sustainable energy roadshow was very interesting last week and we picked up some great tips about how to be more energy efficient.

Bhíomar ag foghlaim faoi Siopadóireacht sa Ghaeilge agus is maith linn an amhrán ‘Rachaimid ag Siopadóireacht’

We are very busy preparing for our upcoming Christmas performance.

We completed a group task last week to construct a tower, after we made a list of all the feelings we experienced while trying to make the tower. It was very interesting.


Fourth Class- Ms. Ní Chuanaigh

Bhí Rang a 4 ag foghlaim faoin Aimsir sa Ghaeilge.

Rinneamar anraith deas Dé hAoine seo caite.

Chuamar ag snámh agus bhí sé go hiontach.

We’re learning about non – renewable and renewable forms of energy. We learnt a lot about different forms of energy during Science week.

We’ve been making posters and slogans for Friendship week.

We’re enjoying soccer with Josh every Wednesday.


Fifth Class- Ms. Clarke

November in 5th class. We all completed projects for Science Week. Some were experiments and some were presentations. We all learned a huge amount and we had lots of fun too. We researched many strange and wonderful animals in the world and even invented our own creatures.

In maths we worked hard at our long division and money.

Bhíomar ag foghlaim faoin siopadóireacht i nGaeilge agus anois tá a lán rudaí nua ag teastáil uainn. Tá fhios againn anois go bhfuil cúpla siopaí difriúla i mBaile Easa Dara.

We are nearly finished our novel “There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom” and we loved the way the character learns to make friends and try new things.

We sketched owls and created a night scene mosaic in Art.

In soccer we are enjoying Josh’s visits to coach us.

We are rehearsing for our Christmas play “Nursery Crimes and Fairy Trials”.