November in Sixth Class

November in Sixth Class


by Caragh Hogan


In November our whole class started practising for the Parish Carol Service with Niamh O Driscoll and Leonard Dorrian, which takes place on the 14th of December in St. Brigid’s Church Corhownagh


In science we learned about Archimedes and how he helped explain how the lever works,  we created our own Martian Rover Curiosity. We also learned about electricity and batteries and made our own crazy circuit and an electromagnet plate using a nail, wire and a 1.5 volt battery.


In maths we learned about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. We also learned about 2-D shapes. We have IZAK 9 blocks in the school at the moment(thanks to Ms. Haran for organising this), we used these to problem solve in groups. IZAK 9 is made of 27 small cubes made into one big cube, with different numbers, shapes and letters on them.


In the month of November we had friendship week. Blue is the symbol of friendship so our class baked blue buns to share among the school. Every child in the school received a blue treat. It was a lovely event to be involved in.


We started using scratch on the computers. This is a coding program for children.

In PE we have started athletics and last week we did some javelin throwing.


We are becoming very festive and are learning some Christmas tunes on our Ukuleles.


November was a very busy and eventful month, December is already shaping up to being even more hectic! Busy and fun times ahead.