November in Sixth Class

November in Sixth Class

We had a busy month of November.  We started off the month finishing our Maths Trail as due to the weather we hadn’t been able to complete it. We enjoyed looking at all the Maths around us in our environment. We have been learning in the classroom about lines and angles and fractions this month. We were busy measuring using our protractors and rulers so we could be very accurate in our drawings.

In English we are continuing to read our novel ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’, it is getting more interesting and nail biting by the day. We all enjoy listening to the story. We are working on our comprehension strategies as we read and are enjoying using the strategy of inference (reading between the lines). We also performed ‘freeze-frames’ in groups of different scenes from the novel, the other children had to guess what characters we were representing. Some of the frames were ‘spot-on’.

In our writing workshop we are focussing on procedural writing. We linked this into our maths and wrote a procedure on how to draw a triangle. We were very precise with our instructions.

I nGaeilge, táimid ag foghlaim an dán ‘An Abhainn’, scríobhamar amach ‘conas a dheanann tú cupán tae’. Bhíomar ag foghlaim faoi siopadóireacht agus rinneamar cluichí ‘ag ceannach rud éigin sa siopa’. Bhí an-spóirt againn.

Teacher set us up on google classroom and we receive assignments to our accounts that we must complete in google docs within a certain time. At the moment we are working on an assignment set by Ms. O’Flaherty on recount writing we must have this turned in by Friday December 7th. We are all improving our typing skills and editing skills.

We had great fun for science week, we did lots of experiments and learned about how submarines work, how they can sink and float depending on the amount of air in their tanks.

In geography we are working on our counties and provinces of Ireland. The whole class are now learning the main town of each county. Our geographical knowledge of Ireland has improved immensely since the start of November.

In history we finished presenting our projects on WW2. We worked in pairs for this and we all had different topics to research. We were all very interested in listening to the wonderful presentations our classmates created.

We started our Junior Entrepreneur Programme and have all completed projects on an entrepreneur we found interesting. We are preparing ideas to pitch to the Dragons in the near future. We look forward to all of your support in making our idea a success.

On Fridays the local knitting club come into our classroom to teach us how to knit. We have had 3 lessons to date and almost the whole class can knit now. Thanks to Margaret, Ann, Patsy and Maebh who give up their time to teach us.

We are busy getting ready for the Christmas Carol Service and Róisín from Music Generation is giving us huge help with this.

We are enjoying our soccer training sessions with Josh Mulrennan on a Wednesday. We have great ‘craic’ during his sessions and are always out of breathe when they are over.

During science week, a lady called Ingrid from Sustainable Energy Ireland came to our school to teach us about sustainable energy. She performed a number of experiments to show us how renewable energy can be used and we played a floor game with her, answering questions about information we had just learned.

On a Wednesday afternoon most of our class practise with Niamh O’Driscoll and Leonard Dorian for the parish Christmas Carol Service which takes place Thursday, December 13th. By the sounds of us it promises to be a great night.