November in Mrs. McDonagh’s Sixth Class

November in Mrs. McDonagh’s Sixth Class

November in Mrs. McDonagh’s Sixth Class

English: For English this month we did a lot of our TPP (The Primary Planet), we also studied a picture book called Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. We took a closer look at the different characters and the way they see the world.

Maths: We learned all about shapes, symmetry, tessellation, ratio, coordinates and  dividing fractions. We enjoyed learning about all of the different topics.

Gaeilge: In Gaeilge this month we read many different stories and also learned how to read time as gaeilge. We learned how to say where objects are positioned and learned how to say our feelings in Irish mar shampla: Tá áthas an domhain orm. We also learned different countries’ names as gaeilge.

History: This was all about Gaeltachts and the Irish language and how it decreased and the plans to revive it again. We learned how the famine had a massive impact on the decline of the Irish language and how emigration sent away many irish speakers. We also wrote our names in Ogham on a tombstone that we drew.

Geography: In Geography we learned about the history of Sligo, latitude and longitude, radar and sonar, and what Geographers do. It was very interesting to learn about.

Science: During science week this month we learned all about fingerprints, illusions and we took part in Pick your Brain quiz organised by the Science Foundation Ireland. We used the chromebooks to play the quiz on kahoot. It was great fun.

JEP: We started our JEP (Junior Entrepreneur) projects. We learned all about entrepreneurs, and had a look at some Irish ones. We had a live zoom call with Lisa Creaven, one of the sisters who created Spotlight Oral Care. She spoke about her business and what it was like being an entrepreneur.

Art: For art this month we studied the Aurora Borealis. We created this piece of art with chalk pastels and black paint. We put all the different colours in the Aura Borealis and they turned out amazing.

Music: We are learning lots of songs on the tinwhistle. E.g. Down by the Sally Gardens and Peigin Litir Mor. We also recorded ourselves on the tin whistle playing Down by the Sally Gardens. 

P.E: In P.E we have learned new skills in Gealic and have played Basketball. It is very enjoyable for everyone and we hope to do more in the future.

We had a busy month but are looking forward to December and preparing for the Christmas.