January in Rang a Sé

January in Rang a Sé

It seems so long ago now since Christmas. We’ve had a busy month once again here in Rang a Sé. We finally got a decision from our Dragons as to what our project would be for the Junior Entrepreneur Programme and it is…. Boredom Breaker Books. We’re all so excited now to get behind this idea and make it a success. We hope all our school community will get behind us too and help us to achieve our goal.

We have started  TSI(a comprehension programme in English)  and we are really enjoying it. We were put into little groups 3-4 and we are studying our novels Mr Stink and Holes. Mrs. McDonagh and Ms. O’Flaherty modelled for us how TSI works for the first week. We do TSI on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday when Ms O’Flaherty is in our classroom to help us. We do lots of activities on the books, at the moment we are focussing on the comprehension strategies connections, predictions and visualising.

We are really enjoying doing our Writing Workshop with Ms O’ Flaherty. We are working on report writing. We all had to think of someone or something to write about for our report (You are not allowed to put your opinion in our reports). We had to lots of research before we could begin. We are learning lots about our chosen subject.

In Maths we have moved on to decimals and multiplication with decimals. We are all doing really well. We also learned all about prime and composite numbers, factors and multiples and exponents.

During January we celebrated Catholic Schools Week, the theme this year was Celebrating the Work of Our Local Catholic Schools, a lot of our class took part in a mass celebrated by Fr. Towey on Sunday the 27th. They highlighted some of the work that goes on in our school.

Cecil Whiteside came to our classroom and talked to us about his life as an entrepreneur. We learned a lot from him, how his business started, what risks he took to be so successful and what advice he would give us now that we’re starting on our entrepreneurial career.

After his visit we made up some surveys to pass around to the children of the school to find out their opinions about our Boredom Breaker Book. We are analysing these at the moment.

Last week we had some fun in the snow. We had a snowman building competition, girls v boys. The girls were victorious. We also had a lot of inside time as the weather was too bad to go out. We did some workouts in the classroom and in the GP room. We practised the Charleston and did some jiving. It was great fun!

I nGaeilge scríobhamar scéalta faoi ‘An Lá a bhí sé ag cur sneachta’, scríobhamar scéalta deasa ar an ríomhaire leis an duine atá ina shuí in aice linn. Léamar scéalta ‘An Cailín sa Túr’ agus ‘Teach trí thine’.

February will be a big one for us getting our book ready for production, hopefully we’ll have a good report for you at the end and we’ll be well on the road to having it complete!