Happy Christmas- December in 6th Class

Happy Christmas- December in 6th Class

Happy Christmas- December in 6th Class

by Ellie Keenan & Sophie Edwards

Math: This month in math we did all about decimals and ratios. We also learned about square roots. We worked hard all the way through.


Gaeilge: In gaeilge this month we did the story of Christmas, two Christmas songs and An Seomra Suí um Nollaig.


English: For english we wrote fairytale stories in the first person as a specific character. Some examples are The Big Bad Wolf from the three little pigs and Olaf from Frozen.


J.E.P: This month we presented our projects on the entrepreneurs that we had chosen, it was very interesting learning about how they started and where they are now. Some examples are Simon Cowell, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Phil Knight.


Art: For art this month we did Christmas stockings! It was very enjoyable and took a lot of time, we sewed them together, and gave them our custom design!


Music: In music we learned a whole bunch of Christmas songs on the tin whistle, some examples are Silent Night, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells and we learned Santa’s Solar Sleigh to perform for the school.


P.E: For P.E we did the Santa Dash, we went over to Abbey Drive and completed 8 whole laps. We completed the highest amount of laps. Afterwards we got a few Roses ( the chocolate ) as a reward!


Quiz: Only a few days ago we had a Christmas Quiz! We all enjoyed it. We had to guess the staff member by looking at their childhood photo. It was very difficult. The team Silly Snowflakes won the quiz by one point!