Green School 2016 – 2018


Green School: 2016 – 2018

What is biodiversity?

“Biodiversity” = “biological” + “diversity”

The term Biodiversity is used to describe the wide variety of living things in an area.  Here, in Ballisodare, we are lucky to have rich biodiversity and we hope to explore and celebrate this during this Green Schools Project.

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Green School Slogan Winners

February 2018

A big “Thank you” to everyone who took art in our Green School Slogan competition for this year.  Congratulations to our award winners – special congratulations to the overall winner.

Our slogan: Protect our animals, protect our plants, let’s give biodiversity a chance!


Take our survey!

Why not take a moment and help us gather data for our Green School Survey!

Green-Schools Survey


Our School Grounds

Thank you to the senior members of our Green Schools Committee.  Why not have a look at nature at it’s finest – all in our own school grounds!

Our School Grounds assembly presentation


Bug Hotel

Thank you to 2nd Class and their teachers for constructing our very first Bug Hotel!  It is called “The Insect Inn”.  

A “Bug Hotel” or “Insect Hotel” is a man-made structure created to provide shelter for insects.  It consists of several different sections that provide insects with nesting facilities – particularly during the winter.  A welcome addition to our rich biodiversity on site.

Have a look at how ours was constructed!


Ballisodare Nature Trail

Our thanks to 5th and 6th Class for highlighting the flora and fauna of our locality.  It is wonderful to see biodiversity in action on our doorstep.

Ballisodare Nature Trail