Forest School

Forest School

Forest School

By Maggie, Ellie & Lena – 3rd Class


Each Friday for the last six weeks, our class (third class) from St. John’s N.S., Ballisodare joined Ms. Ní Chuanaigh, Áine and Sarah in Union Wood for our first experience of Forest School.

First, we had to walk down because it was not too far away from our school. On the way we noticed lots of different things-one day there was a flood! When we arrived at the forest it was very quiet because we were away from the noise.

Next, we would sing a song to the Grandmother Tree. After we would do circle time and share our nature names, an example is ‘Maggie the Magpie’. We shared our 3 golden rules:

  1. Keep yourself safe and happy
  2. Keep everyone safe and happy
  3. Keep Mother Nature safe and happy

Then, we would usually play a game like beetle tag or meet-a-tree. The games are so much fun. Ms. Ní Chuanaigh showed us how to build nests using lots of different materials. Then we would have our lunch. We liked to bring hot-chocolate to drink.

After lunch it is my favourite part…free play! We have so much fun playing. We can do lots of things like raft-making, den building, playing in the stream, playing small world (making things from clay) or climbing trees.


Next, we find our sit-spot, this is where we all get a mat and pick a sit-spot and we all listen to the noises around us. We came back together and sang a song about what we heard.

On the last Friday we held a family day. Our parents, siblings and grandparents came. We played meet-a-tree. Our partners had to bring us to a tree, but we were blindfolded. We walked on for a little while then we had to take off our blindfold and try to find our tree.

Finally, we all walked back to school together. We really enjoyed our time at Forest School, our favourite part was free play! Many thanks to Ms. Ní Chuanaigh and all of the Forest School leaders for all of their hard work.