March In Sixth Class

March In Sixth Class

March In Sixth Class

March in 6th class

By Lucy and Alicia


Stay Safe Programme

This month in 6th class we are completing ‘ The Stay Safe Programme’, we are talking about feelings and friendship.

We are talking about how we would feel in certain situation like if you were walking home on your own in the dark late at night how would you feel.



We are continuing TSI and we are reading Holes and Mr Stink. Most groups are well in on the books. We are really enjoying reading the books and looking forward to finishing them.



In Irish we were learning about St. Patrick. Now we are learning about ‘An Aimsir’. We had a Trá na gCeist for Seachtain na Gaeilge and it was very tight between 2 teams. Shane won in our class.


In maths we were learning different times zones in different countries like if it was 3 o’clock in Ireland it would be 10am in New York .



Boredom Breaker Books

We were working really hard on our JEP project, ‘ Boredom Breaker Books’, to prepare for our Showcase Day on the 21st of March and it went great. We have sold all our books and have ordered 25 more books so if you would like one please bring in €8.50. And thank you so much for supporting us.



In geography we are learning about the environment and how people are cutting down trees, how pollution is becoming a bigger problem everyday and even in some countries you have to wear masks it is that bad! But thankfully not in Ireland.



This month in history we learned about Female Inventors. For example Tabitha Babbitt who invented the circular saw and Josephine Cochran who invented the dishwasher. It is very interesting and we are also completing projects on the female inventors.


We have started handball with Simon and Gerry from the Owenmore Gaels Handball Club. It is really fun and requires great hand and eye coordination skills.