Delphi Trip 2017

Delphi Trip 2017

Last Wednesday, June 21st the longest day of the year, sixth class headed out to Delphi for their final primary school tour. The excitement was immense during school on Wednesday, all the bags were packed(there were many of them!!) and the stashes of sweets were bought, all the children were waiting for was four o’clock to come.

The children all arrived in plenty of time, very enthusiastic for the trip. The drive to Delphi went very well, we had plenty of singing and craic on board. When we arrived at the resort the children were brought off to play energisers and later have supper. By half nine they were all settled into their rooms and the parties were getting started.

On the Thursday morning the children were given their wake up call at 7.50. They all got up and had breakfast and headed off for their morning activity, which was surfing. They all thoroughly enjoyed this and there were couple of stars who shone through on the water.

After lunch the children headed up into the forest for their final activity which was climbing high ropes and navigating their way around tunnels! They were very brave I must say. I tried a little myself but hadn’t the courage for more than one go(being honest if I had known how high the climb was I don’t think I would have tried it at all!).

After dinner we headed back on the bus to Ballisodare. We had a few tired heads (as you can see from the photos) but very happy children. I must take this opportunity to compliment the children on their behaviour during the entire trip, they were absolutely brilliant.

Well done sixth class, we’re delighted you all enjoyed your last school tour with St. John’s NS so much.