December in Sixth Class

December in Sixth Class

December in Sixth Class

 by Laynah Murphy


December in 6th class has been very busy, but we also had lots of fun! 

On Thursday the 12th of December, we got up at 6 o- clock in the morning and set off on the train to Dublin; First we walked to Grafton street where we saw Tommy Fury and we got our picture taken with him! After that, we had a great time shopping in St Stephens Green shopping centre. Then we went to the National Concert Hall which was the highlight of the trip, and we listened to the lovely music played by the orchestra. After that we went to McDonald’s (yum) for dinner, then we got on the train and came home to Sligo. We were tired, but happy! 


That’s not all we’ve been getting up to though, we also chose an idea for the Junior Entrepreneur, after a lot of work on our projects, and our meeting with The Dragons, they decided the best idea was ‘Wild Wilderness Books’. Not many people were disappointed that their idea didn’t get picked, most of us were happy with the choice, and congratulated the team who created the ‘Wild Wilderness Book’ idea. 


On the 13th of December, St Mary’s College came to the school and performed some Christmas songs for us all, there were some great singers in the St Mary’s Choir, and we all had a very enjoyable hour. 


We’ve also been studying 2D Shapes & Symmetry in Maths, it was a nice change from Long division and Multiplication!  As part of our maths we created tessellating Christmas trees to form one big Christmas tree. For art we also weaved Christmas trees and drew snowmen with chalk pastels.


In English we’ve been learning the poem  ‘Mid-Term Break’ by Seamus Heaney, it was quite a sad poem, but very artistic, and we found it very interesting. 


And finally, We are all very excited to see what gifts we received for Secret Santa! We’ll have a blast checking out all the gifts we got for each other. 


That’s all for the month of December, Bye for now!