April in Sixth Class

April in Sixth Class

April in Sixth Class

by Cameron

This month in Sixth Class we had a great time.

Last Tuesday we organised the ‘Dancer for Cancer’ event in our school to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. We all raised €764.21. It was a great success we enjoyed going outside and dancing for 3 minutes with our school mates.

We were invited to showcase our JEP project ‘Boredom Breaker Books’ in the RDS at the National Showcase Day on May 20th. We are very excited about our upcoming trip to the capital. Mr. Dillon is busy organising transport for the day.

We completed the Stay Safe programme during April.  We performed a couple of dramas in front of our class to show what we would do in certain situations. Although we spoke about serious matters we had great fun performing in the dramas.

We are enjoying GAA training with Iarlaith and Madeline we are having great craic. We finished Gymnastics with Kate and we all thought it was excellent. Triona Elliott came into us to do a little introduction to mindfulness. It was very interesting.

On the day of the Easter Mrs.Mc Donagh brought us down to SuperValu and bought us ice-pops, we enjoyed our ice creams in the Handball Alley.

Recently in Music Generation with had two teachers called Yvonne and Jessie as Róisín has gone to have her baby, we are having a great time during these classes singing and learning some theory.

In TSI we have completed Mr.Stink and Holes we all learned lots of new words during TSI and how to get more meaning from the books that we are reading.

Finally we had our Transition Programme with Joe Griffins, the Home Youth Liaison Officer, we all thought it was a great help and we now think we know what it will be like when we start Secondary school.

April was a short but great month.